Saturday, 1 April 2017



We have some exciting news.

As you can see above, our kitchen is all but complete. 


I hope you like it as much as Vanessa claims to.

I mean, it's a kitchen. What else is there to say?

Other than, "do I really have to redecorate?"

Sadly I do.  Look at the wall on the left.


That's our new breakfast bar beneath it.

Or bar, as I much prefer.


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted some gaps.  This includes a missing cupboard. But I already have a plan until it arrives in "10 days love."  Any time a guest arrives, I'm going to make Jamie stand in front of it.  


There is also a hole in the floor after the builders ran out of, er, floor stuff.

But again, Jamie (and a strategically placed mat) can easily cope with that.    


However, back to our exciting news.  

Such is the loveliness of our (almost complete) kitchen that the supplier has entered us into the Yorkshire Kitchen of the Year Awards. 


And if we're shortlisted, Vanessa gets to add to our debts by buying a new frock for the ceremony itself.

That takes place at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds at the end of June and presumably we'll have to pay for tickets too.

But here's the bizarre bit. 

Do you know what the winner gets?

A new kitchen.

I mean, really.  What fool thought of that? 

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